Cigna Kids/Cigna Work Anywhere in the World

Cigna Kids Logo Concepts

Cigna Kids/Cigna Work Anywhere in the World – While I was at Cigna New Zealand, I participated in a company wide Innovation day. Our group presented two concepts: Cigna Kids and Cigna Work Anywhere in the World. The aim of both ideas was to increase staff retention by providing a better work/life balance for employees.

Working in a group of three, I was primarily responsible for the presentation and graphical content of our ideas. I designed logos, put together presentations, brochures and videos to present to the CEO.

Cigna Kids Logo Concepts

Our idea made it to the finals and was well received by the company. Furthermore, the exposure allowed me to established myself as a designer, which allowed me to then go on to shadowing and assisting the marketing department with the Cigna Website.

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